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Make Pricing and Comparison Charts Like a Ninja

Posted by admin on October 23, 2013
Pricer Ninja

Last night I built out a pricing grid on a new plugin we’re launching that turns WordPress into an Email Marketing platform, CircuPress. It wasn’t fun at all to build (I used DreamCode’s free pricing and comparison grid samples) and they still need to be modified further to ensure they’re responsive to mobile and tablet screens.

Comparison Grid

If you’re looking for a much easier way to build out comparison tables and pricing grids, check out Compare Ninja and Pricer Ninja. Both offerings come with some standard templates that will help you knock out building some nice grids in minutes.

Pricing Grid

This is a hosted service, so you don’t actually build out the grid and copy/paste your code. You utilize a code snippet that you paste in your HTML (or table ID plugged into a WordPress shortcode via Plugin) to display your grid on your destination site.

The benefit of Compare Ninja and Pricer Ninja are the speed at which you can output some beautiful grids. It must be noted that there are limitations to what you can style through their user interface. Ultimately, I didn’t use the service because I needed to follow a color palette that matched the site. And of course, if speed and stability are key, depending on a third party site to display your content may or may not be something you wish to do.

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