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Northshore Structures

Northshore Structures

5055 River Road
Renfrew, ON
K7V 3Z8

Tel: (613) 433-0986


Timber framing is a centuries old art form. No nails are used to secure structural wooden beams in this type of construction. Instead, mortis, tenon and hardwood pegs are used. Timber framing involves fitting precision handcrafted pieces of wood together to build an extremely strong - and beautiful - frame.

Cutting the various pieces takes place at the Northshore Structures shop in Ontario. From finding trees in the bush to forming the various pieces in a huge puzzle and then raising and securing it takes about five to six months.

Much of what Northshore does harkens back to tradition. A pine bow is left at every structure to pay homage to the wood used for construction. A compass, delineating north, south, east and west, is always engraved into one of the posts, a trademark for Northshore Structures.

Northshore Structures is committed to delivering a quality project to you whether it is in North America or abroad.

Step inside and enjoy the fine craftsmanship that awaits you from Northshore Structures!