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Social Media Newsfeed: Facebook Mobile App Ads | Google Docs QR Codes

Posted by admin on October 2, 2013
Facebook Mobile Ads


Facebook Launches New Mobile Ad Unit, Prompting Users to Engage with Apps (Inside Facebook)
Facebook’s mobile app install ads have been beneficial for both sides, in terms of app discovery, but the company announced a new line of mobile ads to help boost engagement, once a user has already downloaded the app. This could be huge for both Facebook and app developers, as these new mobile ads will prompt users to play, listen or shop (among other actions) through an app they currently have on their phone. Tapping the prompt button takes them right to the app or game. USA Today The world’s largest social network is allowing app marketers to run app ads in Facebook’s News Feed to prompt users to engage with apps. These ads can call out new sales promotions on retail apps or new game levels on game apps, among other options. Reuters Facebook’s new mobile app ads will allow the maker of a travel app to offer to promote an airfare or hotel room, for example, while a music app like Spotify could promote a band’s new song. Previously, Facebook’s mobile app ads were designed only to entice its users to install a third-party app on their smartphone or tablet, but not to encourage repeat visits to the app. Mashable Facebook worked with a handful of companies to test the new prompts, including HotelTonight, which used the adds to lure customers into last-minute getaways. “The ability to engage people on mobile by deep-linking them into our app from Facebook is very powerful,” said Kevin Kwon, marketing manager at HotelTonight, in a blog post announcing the new ad augmentations. Kwon added that the feature “has significant potential to drive bookings in our app.” VentureBeat The new Facebook mobile app ad adds seven custom calls to action that marketers whose apps are losing audience — or launching a new special or feature — can use to grab user attention and numbers. Those calls to action include “Play Game,” “Book Now,” “Listen Now” and “Watch Video,” which will take users out of the Facebook mobile app and deep-link them right into the designated screen in the sponsoring app.

Watch This: Google Docs Can Automatically Generate QR Codes (The Next Web)
Did you know that Google Docs has support for QR codes built-in? That’s right, if you know the right function, the Spreadsheets app can generate QR codes with whatever inputs you like.

Earshot Lets Brands Tap into Social Media Posts from People Nearby, and Respond (SocialTimes)
Earshot has unveiled a social customer relationship management platform that allows social media managers to discover tweets, check-ins and Instagram posts made by people nearby and then respond accordingly. The platform, which uses geo-fencing technology (by monitoring GPS, Wi-Fi, cell towers to define a geographical boundary), helps businesses target potential customers through Twitter, text message or the private conversation channel in Earshot’s mobile app.

Astronaut Makes Stuffed Dinosaur in Space, Posts to Pinterest (Mashable)
Last week, Karen Nyberg decided to make a stuffed dinosaur for her 3-year-old son out of spare materials she had lying around, and posted it on Pinterest. This wouldn’t be news — except for the fact that Nyberg is an astronaut aboard the International Space Station.

Updated Facebook Page Insights Coming Oct. 8? (AllFacebook)
Some Facebook page administrators are receiving notices on their dashboards that the social network will roll out an updated version of its page insights Oct. 8. Starting Oct. 8, the updated page insights will let you monitor what’s working and not working for your page, and understand more about the people who like your page and engage with your posts.

Twitter’s Jack Dorsey Tweets it Up with Iran’s President Rouhani (CNET)
Twitter was witness to a simple back-and-forth between social network co-founder Jack Dorsey and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Tuesday. And, despite being a small exchange, it could be a signal of a change to come for Iran’s citizens.

How to Grow Your Business on Twitter [Infographic] (AllTwitter)
Twitter is the definitive real-time customer service tool of 2013, an unequivocal boon for business owners looking to establish conversations with customers and root out leads. The infographic by Iquarius Media takes a look at how exactly to use Twitter effectively for your business.

New Spin on Video Chats Brings More to the Party (AllThingsD)
Now, there’s a new video-chatting service for mobile devices, and it’s free. It allows up to 10 parties in a single chat session and it doesn’t require an account to participate in a chat.

How Cinnabon Became Part of the Social TV Conversation Around Breaking Bad (LostRemote)
The best brands in the world today have smart and savvy social media teams who are curators, writers, community organizers and always paying attention to what’s happening in pop culture. Just over a week ago as the second to last episode of “Breaking Bad” aired, Cinnabon heard it was part of the episode and joined the social TV conversation.